Governor to close down Washing State Home Inspector Licensing Advisory Board.

Home inspector board one of 17 boards to be wiped out.


O’Handjob…I feel your pain. LOL!!!

On a serious note, will the HIs of Washington be seeing a rebate in the license fees that were collected to run this (now defunct) HI licensing board?

If we keep up the pressure, I think we can duplicate this achievement in Kansas.

This same bill was introduced last year and never made it out of committee. There is currently a letter writing campaign going on to keep the Board intact until such time as their work is completed. Since the law that brought licensing into effect required that licensing be self sustaining, the lack of operating budget for the State should not affect this particular program.

The governor just took all the Boards in existence and lumped them all together in one law. There will be hearings and testimony just like last time and I expect a similar result.

If licensing is to exist, I would much rather have actual home inspectors checking the content of continuing ed courses and making recommendations on the rules and regulations than a bunch of office clerks and managers that don’t no know a furnace from a water heater.

Wasn’t Mike O’ on this board? :smiley:

Anyone got an address for Mike, I want to send flowers of condolences… NOT! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just checked, nothing posted over at Inspection-Nazi News, heads obviously stuck firmly in the sand. :slight_smile:

We’ll take our chances with an unbiased office clerk.

Totally agree!

In Mississippi, the Real Estate Commission regulates and supervises the Home inspection Licensing, etc.

And we like Mississippi. InterNACHI’s free, online courses are approved in Mississippi.

Let’s work on NJ next!:smiley:

Nothing like having the salesman protecting his commission by controlling what an inspector can do.

The sad part is the department that runs the Missouri Real Estate Commission controls all other licensing commisions in Missouri. If Missouri gets HI licensure, home inspectors will be included with all the rest. I know a lady very high up in the Department and she says MAR leaders are in their office quite often.

Perhaps a thread for carpet baggers is in order???

Texas Real Estate Commission regulates home inspectors in Texas. You should notice that they get dozens of lawsuits every month.

Jeez, Nick.

I thought you were more on the ball than that. We announced at a meeting months ago that Gov. Gregoire is planning to sunset the board. The board members knew about it for months before that. We’ve just continued on with the work. No sense getting wound up over something we have no control over, no?

It’s quite the coincidence that just yesterday a new bill has been dropped in the hopper that will eliminate the board but won’t actually sunset the board until June 30, 2013. Check out SB 2644 Sec 116 to 125 and then Sec 271 that sets the effective date. Let’s see where it goes. Shall we?



Mike, on the day Lisa Endza announced that she found out she was pregnant, I didn’t want her to carry all our course submissions for Washington State as they weigh close to 100 lbs in all, so I took them to FedEx myself and shipped them overnight. We recently submitted them all over again. Lisa’s baby girl is getting close to walking age. Still no word. Can you shed any light on the situation regarding our course approvals?

Kansas inspectors and lawmakers take note that the sunset provision is also in the Kansas home inspection bill #HB2260; the last line of the bill.

Nope, can’t say that I can. Although I’ve reviewed and approved three full fundamentals courses and one course for continuing education, I’ve never received any of IACHI’s to review.

I suggest calling Rhonda and asking her what’s up.



Dozens of lawsuits against Texas home inspectors every month?
Where did you hear that?