GPS Device

I had a portable Garmin Nav System in my last truck. It worked very well, but it took another power plug while it was charging.

With this vehicle, I decided to consolidate some of my gear by purchasing this system. It has some pretty cool “bells & whistles.”

With XM traffic, it warns me that upcoming traffic is stopped or slow and gives me several alternate routes to choose from. It has 3-D images showing which lanes to be in for freeway changes and off-ramps and for Gerry, it has an ETA that is adjustable based on user input and actually speed averages (I took a drive to Idaho recently and it was accurate within 30 minutes on a 1,000 mile drive).

It’s completely hands-free or touch-screen, whichever I decide to use at any time, and carries my complete address book and phone book for voice activated dialing and navigation. It can search by business name, address or phone number.

It plays DVD’s, CD’s, MP3’s and stores all of the music I want. Everything is integrated so that when my phone rings, the radio volume drops, and the phone call plays through the speakers.

It was certainly one of my better investments for 2006 - and deductable as a business expense at that.

Jeff, this thing sounds incredible.
Can you give me an idea of cost, ballpark figure?
and who put it in for you?

I had it installed at a reputable car/audio shop. With the add-on’s, it set me back roughly $3200.

XM Radio and XM Traffic are a subscription service that cost me around $260 for a two-year plan. So I’ve got around $3500 invested into my “toy.”

OK then, thanks Jeff.

Sometimes, I just can’t control myself. . .:roll:

Jeff, There are times when I hate you
I wont one of those

But thats OK…you make the BIG bucks out their in Cali…now you have a good system and plenty of " Bling-Bling"…lol

today only

. . .and even with the high tech gadgets, sometimes there’s no getting around the LA traffic.

It took me an hour and a half to make my 25 mile journey in this mornings holiday season traffic.



see…now I am just picturing Jeff “Mr. Zinsco” Pope rolling down the road snapping pictures and waving at the crowd…:slight_smile: