Get a mobile GPS for $199.95 after special savings and rebate

you’ll need the secret savings code:50GPS for the additional savings.

Looks like a pretty good deal.

Get a map for $3.99. No code necessary.

Get a GPS device with Microsoft Streets & Trips to run on your laptop for only about $125.00. Have mapping software AND a GPS device in one whack on a much bigger screen.

Joe F.
That is not entirely true. My wife hasn’t ever broken the code on map reading. I refer to it as “map dyslexia”. I think the first fight we ever had was over map reading.

They never get lost when they are going to get their hair or nails done.:slight_smile:

Or DeLorme street atlas with GPS for about $85:)

I love microsoft streets and trips-it saved me sooo many times down in Mississippi last year, even though I **can **read a map.

So while I do pretty good with it, I went and got the Dell Gps for my Axium-cause it talks to ya! But it’s been 3 months and I still haven’t loaded it yet-I guess cause I know where my hair and nail appointments are.:stuck_out_tongue:

ohhh…that was good one.

I have Microsoft Streets and it does a good job but no room for a lap top.
I also have trouble hearing it as the lap top is not very loud when driving so I got external speakers with batteries good volume now where do I put the Lap top and speakers .
Roy Cooke

Yep, there goes my neutral reputation! good thing I don’t lose points for being a smart a$$.:slight_smile:

Jamie, I’m afraid you have a long way to go to being a real NACHI smart a$$…

I think that some of us here have the uncanny ability to actually sit on an ice cream cone and tell you what flavor it is. When you can do that…you are a smart a$$.:smiley:

:slight_smile: :smiley: roflmao
I hope that, at least, I would never admit to that, James!

Garmin IQue Pocket PC. It is great for keeping your scheudule, addresses, phone numbers, and everything else you use Microsoft Outlook for; if you have a pocket PC version of your HI program, it works on this unit; and it has the mapping program built right in. Well worth the inviestment if you want to spend some money. I got mine for just under $600 and it’s paid for itself by saving me a lot of time driving and writing reports.

Street Pilot 2720…

Updated Sep this year database…

Finds every road I put in it, I don’t even Mapquest the night before anymore. I get in the tuck in the mornings, input the addresses and away I go…

I don’t know how anyone drives without them… certainly not holding a paper map! :roll: