Grains Per Pound

I’m in the market to purchase a tool for telling me the relative humidity for IAQ inspections. I was looking at the Fluke 971, but started thinking that I may need to know the GPP also.
How important are “Grains Per Pound” of moisture in IAQ evaluations?
What tool are you using for RH?

They are very important. You really need to know how to interpret them and you should have have a strong knowledge base about the science of water and drying. The best training is through IICRC. I am certified in water and applied structural drying, along with multiple certs in mold. I am a certified firm through IICRC. Have yet to actually see another inspector who is. Certainly, none in my state. I have done 100’s of dry downs and Mold remediations. I can tell you that it is very important to know how to interpret GPP’s while doing IAQ assessments and mold assessments. You can get a simple wheel from Phoenix that is manual. I use the Extech MO295. It is an 8 in 1 tool that does everything you will need for moisture. I highly suggest that you take some courses through the IICRC. The testing is rigorous but you will know what you are doing. If you can get to Indiana and Kurt Bolden’s lab…for coursework, that is the best place. Incredible place, experience. Do the combo Applied Structural drying and microbial course. You can thank me later. You will flood a house in teams and learn all you need to know from a moisture perspective about IAQ and drying. Also, you will be extremely qualified from a mold perspective. Check it out if you can. You will also get to try out nearly every piece of gear in the market as he has virtually every company there, plus a massive lab setting where structural drying and equipment is being tested. You will be a part of all of it for a week.

Thanks Jeff.

Dri-Eaz has a phone app that will convert temp and humidity to GPP. Just search in your app store for it. I think it is free or just a few dollars.