Grandfathering is alive and well

Grandfathering is alive and well in Senate Bill 396 and House Bill 849 if passed.

You can be Grandfathered in as a licensed home inspector without ever taking one home inspection course or exam. You simply take an ICC opened book exam - presto I be a Florida license home inspector.

Oh and the code officials who are out of a job because the housing boom is gone need work. So, who cares if they have never taken one home inspection course or exam?

Yes Virginia, it expires in a year.

So this should take care of the shortage of Home Inspectors in Florida. I think I’ll move south. It’s snowing here again.

I am starting to wonder if Senators submit bills to try and get money from untapped resources. Meaning before the construction industry will just pay to get their way, but now we throw in about $25k and then construction industry ups their ante…politics, gotta love em!

I understand your concern. But this was of no concern when people from FL NACHI were personally profitting from its testing.

All I had to do before was take an exam that was very similar to the one at if not 95% exactly like that test. Where was the complaining then? What, about 99% of the people passed, 3 times to take the test on the same day.

When did FL NACHI get morals about grandfathering? Let me guess, when they quit profitting from it. Go figure.

Didn’t Florida Nachi agree to open its books to Greg Bell? Correct me if I am wrong, but that never happened either.

More lies, spin and agenda. I think I liked it better when Flnachi and the coalition said and did nothing. I guess they can not do nothing anymore, because the game has changed.

That is my fault as I never responded to their offer.

They can still make good, I doubt they will though.

Sorry John and Greg but it’e a moot point. Doesn’t anyone understand the simple mathematics involved? The state wants ten thousand home inspector fees not three thousand. That way they can afford to police us properly. If you don’t agree with me that’s OK but this is what I see.

That is why I never took them up on their offer. What has happened is history. Nothing anyone says now can change what has happened.

As for the state I agree with you 100%.

this was never about improving the industry or maintaining a standard. It was, still is and always will be about money, growing government, controlling the peasants and making the peasants pay for the honor of being under the governments thumb.