Granite question.

The granite counter continues out past the cabinets and is supported on the end by a post. The counter is 1.25 inches thick and spans 38 inches on the short end. Does anybody know anything about the strength of unsupported granite. There is no type of support running underneath. Will this hold up o.k. (like if someone decides that they want to sit on the counter)?

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Granite should not be cantilevered more than 12" without support at the end.

More info here:

The answer to your question is about 3/4 down the page.

Granite has no tensile strength, someone is going to get hurt bad when it breaks and lands on their foot! They could support this without ruining the looks.

NOT FOOT think CHILD hanging on and then it goes…and the result will be a tragedy.


Its only as strong as its sweet spot.

I can vouch for that too.

I had one on my job two weeks ago brand new, spanning five feet between support post with a sub plywood deck of 3/4" and someone stood on it or sat on it and cracked 18" long. Awaiting the installer designer to provide more support and then call the granite sub-contractor to come back and epoxy and polish back together.

Granite does not have much tensile strength.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Must be supported underneath in some way…unless they are willing to take the liability when someone sits their fat toosh down and hits the floor.
(Lawyers like that stuff).

Thanks for all the info.

Sure looks pretttttty and dangerous - but I’m with Curt and everyone else - it would most likely be a tragedy . . . don’t even want to think about it