Granite state

They don’t call New Hampshire the granite state for nothing!!!

Would you call this a negative slope and recommend re-grading :smiley:

Granite (2) (Small).JPG

Granite (4) (Small).JPG

Granite (3) (Small).JPG

Granite (1) (Small).JPG

I would say that house is between a rock and a hard place…

Recommend all you want Peter, it’s not going to happen. LOL

They must of got the lot for free. :slight_smile:

FREE countertops!!!

Thanks Peter.

Amazingly enough even though water was coming out of the ledge in several areas behind the home there wasn’t any evidence of moisture penetration.

I’m continually amazed by the places people choose to be build houses.

Peter…I hope you recommended a radon test!

Mitigation system already installed, LOL

Follow-up testing is still recommended every two years.

My recommendation as well, however, it was completed prior to listing

Nice. Proactive sellers make all the difference!

I agree, unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough.

Or the crap houses they choose to buy.