Graphene reinforced concrete is twice as strong and four times more water resistant

There is a constant drive for development of ultrahigh performance multifunctional construction materials by the modern engineering technologies. These materials have to exhibit enhanced durability and mechanical performance, and have to incorporate functionalities that satisfy multiple uses in order to be suitable for future emerging structural applications. There is a wide consensus in the research community that concrete, the most used construction material worldwide, has to be engineered at the nanoscale, where its chemical and physiomechanical properties can be truly enhanced. Here, an innovative multifunctional nanoengineered concrete showing an unprecedented range of enhanced properties when compared to standard concrete, is reported. These include an increase of up to 146% in the compressive and 79.5% in the flexural strength, whilst at the same time an enhanced electrical and thermal performance is found. A surprising decrease in water permeability by nearly 400% compared to normal concrete makes this novel composite material ideally suitable for constructions in areas subject to flooding. The unprecedented gamut of functionalities that are reported in this paper are produced by the addition of water‐stabilized graphene dispersions, an advancement in the emerging field of nanoengineered concrete which can be readily applied in a more sustainable construction industry.

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Graphene reinforced concrete is twice as strong and four times more water resistant |

There is no end to the technology in concrete.

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Been overwhelmed with work, but I am trying to keep up with tech development due to a side project.

You are right Marcel, there will be more improvements. The article did not say, but I would guess that the graphene makes it more conductive to electricity, might make UFERs more effective. Should make it more thermally insulative, some what.

Some of the more interesting things coming out relating to building trades:

Low cost materials to pull potable water out of the air. Also much lower cost ways to purify, and de-salinate seawater. Throw in roll manufactured PV, and my prediction is there will be more people living on islands and deserts in the near future. Oh, roll manufactured gas deposition graphene technique came out in April?

Those with boats and inspecting skills will be in demand :slight_smile:

The side project is my fathers new internal combustion engine design. We submitted a number of improvements to USPTO ( patent office) and filed the PCT (international filing). We are thinking that a 2 order scaling of battery density could tank market acceptance of the Lucas Engine, but nothing on the horizon, just marginal upgrades.

Well, finally we might catch up with the ancient Romans!

Graphene, volcanic ash and seawater lol