Graphic depicting rafter names.

Nick it is hard to see the print.
Text is to small(fine)

i read it ok

Bob is right, text is too small.

Your designers are all young 'uns…

Tell them that they need to design these with us geezers in mind.

I could read it, but it’s a strain. (like trying to read prescription bottles. :mrgreen:)

You left out the valley jack rafter identification, didn’t you, on the inset?

Font increased:


For future graphics, you might want to also mention to the designers that a significant portion of the male population is red/green color blind. Some folks probably didn’t even recognize that there was color in the graphic. Personally I like the color combinations/choice, but others wouldn’t be able to see it.

Yes, valley jack rafters are not mentioned.

The rest looks great!

I see red, green, blue, orange, yellow, black, white…
How’d I do? :wink:

I’d like larger font…

Looks great!

It may be easier to read have a numbered list when increasing the font size beyond the aspect ratio of the diagram;-). Thoughts everyone . . .

Microsoft makes a mouse and accompanying software with a magnifying glass pane pop up just for geezers. I just got one, even though I haven’t reached official “geezerdom” yet, works great for photos and fine details in documents, etc.

There is a magnifier built into Windows XP and Vista

XP instructions here

Vista instructions here

Note: The location, magnification level and size of the magnifier box can be changed.

Did not know that. But good to know. The new mouse I got has a button built into the side of it for these feature which makes it handy.

Looks better.
I have copy/ paste in mind.:slight_smile:

Been there done that. :smiley: