Graphics, Yes or No?

Nice looking graphic George!!

Just me and my rollers ! :smiley:

Definitely nice looking image George!

I’m guessing you are in favour graphics Bob. BTW I don’t have competition; I have fellow Inspectors working in my area but not competition!! There is plenty of work for everyone Bob.

Thanks Dom!

I think I will operate incognito for a while Dominic!!

George,The graphics are great but you need new wheels and tires my friend!

New wheels and tires ??!!!?:shock:
The guy who sold the tires to me said I could get 200,000 MILES out of them and I am most of the way there !:smiley:

Some armour-all will spiff em up for ya.

Did you get a Smart Truck, Mario?


I wouldn’t be caught dead in something like that! I purchased a Chevy Van.

If I have known that your rims and tires were in such bad shape, I would have given you my rims and brand new tires from my older van!


I voted yes to graphics, I just have window wraps right now and they have been the direct reason for me being contacted for some jobs including the Restaurant earlier this year that you gave me the advice on. $2,000 inspection because someone saw my $400 window wraps in a parking lot,not bad considering I was just picking up some groceries. P.S. did some guy named Steve contact you about a flat roof scan, I recommended you to him yesterday.

That’s what they call me - “Second Hand Rose”. Besides, those tires aren’t old. They’re ‘experienced’.

Hi Jerry,

Yes he did, I told him I would do it for $12,000.00 its 120,000sq’ of roof covering. This is a 2-3 day job Jerry, and I would need a second person to help and you are it brother! 6K each is not a bad paycheck for a couple of days work! I will send you an e-mail in advance of the IR scan!

Thank You very much for the referral!!

BTW Jerry, I’m so busy now that I’m established that I’m thinking of not using graphics for my new vehicle.

It is good to hear that you are doing that well, don’t mention the referal it is important to know when a job is more than we could likely handle and that the client could be best served by someone more experienced and better equipped( he appreciated my honesty about it). Luckily I knew who the more experienced and better equipped individual was, I would love to tag up with you and experience a flatroof scan with you Mario just say where and when.

Hey Jerry

I saw the partial wrap on your old vehicle and thought it looked great. Are you considering a full wrap on the new vehicle?

If you do it, just don’t drive around in Hamilton ok? Just keep in your garage out of sight… just kidding.

By the way what was that address that you live at?

Hope that all is well with you.

Hi Joe, I owe you quite a bit for your help when I first started out but unfortunately I do not currently have a garage to keep my truck in. I am considering some additional graphics to advertise the IR more directly but nothing confirmed yet. Let me know when your free and we can get together and talk some more Joe. Once again thanks for your help, it was very valuable to a newbie.