Grass Roots Candidate Enters Presidential Race

A grass roots movement has resulted in a candidate to enter the presidential race, simply because people are sick and tired of the same old political bs from the Reps and the Dems READ MORE HERE](

Link no good.


Support from up north…:smiley:

My buddy Larry always has me covered. Thanks for your support

Name sounds familiar, do we know him? :smiley:

Yeah this video was floating around several months ago… I received it from about 50 of my friends :slight_smile:

Hey I was already running! I don’t need more competition.

Mike, you are cheapening the democratic proccess, it isn’t that simple, I mean have you stopped to think how important you choice of running mate is?

No I didn’t think so, you need someone who shares your political and moral beliefs, who shares your core values and aspirations, who looks great in a wet T shirt, anyway here’s my choice for your VP