Grassfrog Technologies LLC

Has anyone else had a bad experience with this company pertaining to web site design and hosting.

I’m afraid I need to file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

Just wondering if anyone can offer any insight as to service provided by Roberta Dulay and her company.

I know she was connected to NACHI some how that’s why I ask.

You’re not alone. How can I put this delicately… her operation lacks bedside manners.

Nick, take a look at my thermal imaging site… What do you see???

Is she in Colorado or North Dakota?

**Roberta Dulay


CTO, Grassfrog Technologies LLC
LocationBismarck, North Dakota Area IndustryInformation Technology and Services

Three letters…H I P. Nuff said!:smiley:

I know, Dom has already made a very generous offer and I’ll be contacting him soon. I just need to get this resolved.

Roberty Dulay used to be hevaily involved in providing websites to NACHI members. People raved about he for a while, though I havent heard her name mentioned lately. I believe she even taught a class or two pertaining to SEO at a NACHI convention.

As an ex-Information Technology executive, I was continually underwhelmed by her products and services. There was another person who used to do website development for Nick on occasion. Her name is Susan Ganey, I believe, and as I recall, she knew her business. Long gone, however…

The problem wiith all these folks is that they see NACHI as a gravy train, and it is for a while. But, in time, when the new business dries up, thhey move on…

The thing that sucks is I’m still a paying customer, NACHI member or not.

Home Inspector web sites by Grassfrog Technologies has not been a great experience for me.

Well said!! That is exactly how I felt years ago.

I have never had a problem with Roberta.

Me either. Dom is good, too. No complaints about either.

My interaction, today, with Roberta was a pleasure.

She’s always treated me well.

If she is that bad and being unresponsive to members why is she allowed to continue to display the Superior Service Logo on her site?

Isn’t this one of the ways NACHI supports its members?

Most love her work product but some dislike… as I described it… her “bedside manner”

Never had the opportunity to observe that particular “manner”.:wink:

Just curious what issues there are as nothing has been spoken as far as details go here.

She has always been good to me as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a problem, when ever I did, she was on top of it and fixed it teh same day.

I believe that Roberta offers a good product at a reasonable price. I have never had a problem with her and as a matter of fact I am going to renew my web site subscription this week. From what I see on this site it is probably the HI’s that have problems with everyone that have a problem with her. So why should she be any different.