Gray Duct

Does any one have any info or links to info on “gray duct”?

Are you refering to gray HVAC supply ducts? If so, there were two, one made by Goodman and the other by Owens Corning. I just came across one brand or the other (no markings) that was in about the same condition as what is shown in the link below.

Told my client I thought there was a lawsuit over them but could not find any information when I googled it. Maybe David Anderson can chime in on the validity of that.

She had a family friend who is a licensed HVAC pro come out and look at them. He said there was a lawsuit but that free replacement (I am guessing the manufacturers paid for it) was no longer available via the lawsuit.

Anyhow here is the link if this is what your question is about. Scroll down to about mid page for pictures.

Thank you for the info and yes thats the stuff. I found it on a recent inspection and I wanted to give my client as much info as possible as they are the buyer in this case.


Great site. Thanks for posting.