Gray irregular discoloration pattern

Dear Sirs, the Armstrong Cambray 68505 vinyl flooring beside both of my toilets is getting a gray irregular discoloration pattern. The rest of the vinyl flooring is great and is 16 years old. I had to have one of the toilets taken off by a plumber to check for a blockage. Since then I have noticed that discoloration beside that toilet and when checking the other toilet, found a gray discoloration also. Can you give me a guess as to what might be making this happen? Sincerely, Lorena Christian

It’s hard to say without actually being there or even seeing a picture. What it sounds like to me from your description is moisture is getting past the seal between toilet bowl and drain flange and is getting under vinyl causing this type of discoloration.

I agree have seen it caused from moisture…

I’ve replaced hundreds of vinyl floors. You’ve got moisture under the floor.

I have seen it many times too, and the moisture was caused from being on top not underneath.

As we all seem to agree this type of staining is typically caused by moisture. Moisture on either top or bottom can stain vinyl.