Great Blog on Home Inspector Ethics

It’s all here.
Buyer beware!!!

Do you use knee pads?

Very well done article and thanks for posting it Linas.

Thanks, Linas.

A very dishonest lead broker threatened to sue me once, in “federal court”, if I did not delete this article from my blog — claiming that it “defamed” him. I laughed at him and the gutless coward turned and ran away.

Great Blog, Jim…!

I must be an alarmist.
My clients want to know everything and if they want a scratch on a wall in the report it gets included.

Thats what they pay me for.

The association does not sign my checks,The Agents do not sign my checks and the State certainly does not hand out anything so who am I working for ?

When on site only one person exists in the universe for me and there is only one person that I listen to.

Each report is the same write hard scrutiny and is fully explained in detail to one person and one person only.

**The Client who signs my check. **

Yes, in crawlspaces.
How about you Bradley?

I do. Agents are surprised (and worried ) when they see them because they know I’ll be crawling around and looking under things other inspectors would not.

I think Bradley’s agents prefer that he wears his knee pads.:wink:

Knee pads and the occasional hockey gear for those Real Estate Agents that know they are selling a piece of crap. Scenario! Client leaves and the Real Estate Agent says I am just going to have a quick talk with the Home Inspector in the basement and I have a Contractor here to straighten him out a little.:shock:
Oops!!! I forgot to mention after the Client walks.

Just charge high prices. You won’t have to inspect crap houses; only the large good ones. Have high basic, starting fees. Leave the POS houses to the $199 guys, and have them and their agents get in trouble, get sued, by buyers that buy sub-par properties. If the price is low, it is for a reason.

Perhaps we should quote and automatic added fee if the home is under $100K and has a crawl space.

It is good that Jim’s article is posted again, with some states and Canada trying to push “so-called HI licensing” into play again.

Many people simply cannot handle the truth these days.