Great Canadian Giveaway

Only available to our American friends.

First 5 Americans to respond…will be given a Offical Canadian Twoonie coin.

What’s a twoonie you ask…it’s a $2 coin.

The 5 winners must PM me their mailing address…




I dont have a twoonie…yet?


You are FIRST

It will be on its way tomorrow

TY kind sir

thank you


You are Second

Please PM your mailing address

Me, I think they are the nicest looking coins in the world. I love 2 metal coins. Do you know what happens when you freeze them?


There were reports that the centers pop out. Presumably due to the differance in the contraction rates of the differnt metals. I beleive the problem was noticed in the earlier produced ones and has since been corrected. After all you can’t money that falls apart when it gets cold esp. when that country is concidered to rather chilly at times. :wink:

Nick gets one …not included in the count


Your number 3

Please PM your mailing address

Thanks Robert…you’re awesome :smiley:

Address sent.

Hey Rob,

Looks like the 4th is heading for sunnier climes :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Do they crack in the heat??



Goonies and Loonies…

Or is that Newfoundland Currency?

Anywhere but Quebec they are known as Luciens, they like to separate. Canadian joke.


You are fourth

Oh sorry I guess I forgot to mention that my family and I come with it for 5 months every year Nov - Mar…:cool: :cool:

Pls PM your mailing address and I’ll send it to you


Are you talking about food or coins???

Your number 5

Pls PM your mailing address and I will send you one…


Here is a picture of a Giant Twoonie.

And this is what we use here in Toronto.