Great Electrical work, not!

this one was masterfully done:mrgreen:


What do you see wrong.

It’s not pretty but is it really wrong?

first is my name really that hard to spell, especially when it written right in front of you.

that pic is of a 220 volt dryer receptical, being split to run a 15 volt recptical, u dont think that is a little wrong?

My apologies on spelling your name wrong Eragorn.

If you are indicating that the 120 volt receptacle is being protected by a 30 amp breaker then yes it is wrong.

LOL! Mike, it appears to be saver for you in the political section.


You gotta get over that Eragorn, even after 8 years with this org and K’s of post people still think my name is “Gary”



Maybe it really is “Gary”–you’ve been spelling (and saying) it wrong all these years.


that s funny, Gary, aka Gerry

With that funny accent, it’s sounds like Gary :mrgreen:

Besides the wrong connector used on the 2 wire cable there is the possiblility that this is being fed from one leg of the 30 amp dryer circuit. Add in the fact that the cable is not properly secured.

Or is it… Jerry…???

It’s so hard to hear sometimes with all the yelling going on around here! :p:D

isn’t Gary on Sponge BOB

I understand your mental level now Wayne. I would think a person of your age would be utilizing their free time to watch CNN, but you must have to dumb it down a bit. Stay out of the NFE section. I don’t know if they watch sponge bob.

Someone needs a “Crabby Patty” :mrgreen::mrgreen: