Great Home Inspector Pro MNF contest. Play to win!


Browns 30

No more points!!!

Buffalo 53…

JK… :wink:

Cleveland 49


Russell you “price is righted” me. Follower!!:mad::wink: We should get credit for being only two out of 40 or so that picked Cleveland.

Cleveland got 29 points does this mean I win.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
Congrats to Russell. Was A great game.

Hey I picked Cleveland too :slight_smile: Dylan you were sooo close, just 2 points off.

Russell, you won a copy of Home Inspector Pro. Email me or pm me with the name and company name as you want it on your license and I’ll email it to you. Congratulations :smiley: Stayed tuned next week with more prizes from the Home Inspector Pro Monday Night Madness!

Congrats Russell! Nice win!

I’m just glad cleveland finally won a game congrats Russ…:wink:


Welcome to the HIPPIES. You will enjoy the software and are now eligible for our HIPPIES Fantasy Football league next year.

All Hail Dom !! :cool:

Thanks guys, I looked at the stats from both teams, the weather for the game, the arena, the time of day they were playing and then used the square root of the total points from both teams over the last 6.73 years and came up with the total points scored. Or Maybe I got lucky…Once again, thanks
Time to place my paid order for Home Inspector Pro …