Great Job - Jessica , Erica and Team!

Thank you so much for the great brochures and business cards. When I visited a realtor last week, I walked in and introduced myself. I handed them the brochures and business cards you created, plus explaining to them “I am truly passionate about home inspections and also working with newer agents - and getting them up to speed in the areas of 4-point and wind mitigation in Florida”. I also spend some time talking about the “Move In Certified” procedure and how it can save many headaches in the closing process. The Realtor/Broker on duty stuck my brochures ahead another in the small rack which speaks volumes. It’s funny, the two more experienced agents (one, the owners wife) scheduled me for an inspection - but my offering as well as excellent marketing material made all the difference. As a still relatively new inspector (less than a year), I have two inspections booked with this agent in a week.

Jeff Scott
SureSpect Home Inspection

Great, I’m glad to hear that you’re doing so well!

Awesome news.

Unlike other professionals, marketing is especially important to inspectors for two reasons:

First: Real estate agents are in the marketing business. Agents have difficulty distinguishing a good inspector from a bad one… but instantly recognize great marketing and respect it. Marketing is the business they are in.

Second: An inspector’s finished product (the report) is essentially a document, an orderly, well-thought out document. An inspector’s brochure is the preview of that finished product. If your brochure looks like something your wife came up with and printed on your home printer, potential clients are going to infer that the inspection reports you generate are as equally unprofessional. You have to have a professionally designed and printed brochure.