Great Lakes-East Chapter ID/Name Badges

I have found it hard at chapter meetings & training events to know everyone. I felt that it was necessary to have name badges for everyone. Knowing that it is hard to read some peoples handwriting I came up with this idea.

I have attached 3 samples to make fun of.

Once I have printed them out, laminated them and pinched a slot for the clip at the top they are readable from a good 5’+.

They will be handed out at the beginning of each meeting/event and then collected at the end so that no one forgets to bring them to the next event.

I have offered to make additional copies for chapter members at $5.00 each to take home with them to put on their tool bags, wear on inspections or to wear when going to Real Estate offices.

Many have requested them!

If anyone is interested I could make them for your chapters or for you personally. Just let me know and we could work something out.

These will open in Word.

Try this Now for LISA, DEANNA & NICK

It should be fixed now!!


It says no permission to access.

Try it now Wendy.

Make sure your Pop-Up Blocker is up and running.

I had to do it this way because I can’t post large files on the message board.

Those are cool, what suppies do you need to make these?

I sent you a private message with all the info.