Great Lakes - East Chapter of NACHI developing their own Seller Inspection brochure.

I do have to give credit to John Bowman, NACHI Executive Director.

He posted the original design of this brochure that I have modified for use by the chapter.

I also have to give credit to Roy Cooke for a copy of Print Shop so I could view the original brochure.

Thanks Guys!! :smiley:

Just so everyone knows, the proper way to fold this brochure is:

1] Fold in half
2] Open it up
3] Fold each end in to the center
4] Close the brochure

The chapter members will be listed on the inside of the brochure.

I hope to spruce it up a bit, but the intent of this brochure is not the buyer or the seller directly… The intent of this brochure is to market directly to the Realtors and then let them market it to everyone else for us.