Great Mood Lighting

The light fixture is only about 5’ above the whirlpool tub. What were they thinking?

That’s okay…it’s to grab if you slip. :eek:

Should the bulbs be changed while the tub is empty or full?


She was thinking that “tingly feeling” was her hubby!:twisted:

That’s actually a pretty spectacular code violation. You can’t have any sort of “hung” fixture over a tub of any sort.

I hope the windows are tempered glass so they don’t get cut too bad when they fall through them after getting shocked.

Right on the money again (2002 NEC 410.4D). Just substitute “hazardous defect” for “violation” from the HI POV … :wink:

Trust me, it was definitely called out in the inspection report.

I don’t think I have ever seen that one before, but have seen wall sconces associated with tubs.


Those are low voltage lights

If I were the seller that would be my story

Remember we are not the code guy

Great pix may I use it?


Low 120 volts! You may copy the image.

Thanks John


I think I get what you really mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pictorial example of a hung fixture:

I have seen then putting all kinds of electrical devises around those hot tubs.
Flatscreens , stero equipt , you name it.
When it comes to comfort ,people seem willing to risk it.
At least it wasn,t a shower fixture.
I remember a guy wanting me to plant a DVR on the edge of one of these and I told him no.

Evey now and then you need a thread like this to bust a gut. :stuck_out_tongue: