Great new product...honest...

Check out the “Hot Dog Demo”…

I could’ve benefitted from this 25 years ago. :smiley:

Being a woodworker myself for the last 30 years, I’ve seen this several times before, and was truly amazed.
I had often asked myself why ALL the manufacturers didn’t implement this ?
Unfortunately, its taken them that long to engineer this into a whole new line of tablesaws, as the other major players like Delta, Rigid, Powermatic, Woodtek, Jet, etc. wouldn’t incorporate the system into their machines due to the additional cost…:roll:

The video is really amazing,

And from what I remember, the “thing” gives its life once it trips like that…
i.e. “The standard and dado brake cartridges are single-use components that must be changed if the brake is ever activated.”

Still, I’d value my hands and fingers over replacing the thing any day…:slight_smile: