Great new upgrade to

A little while ago NACHI staff member Tim Eaton posted information about our new [n=“location-verify”]location verification system[/n] that lets you check to see if a postal code or city is in our location database (and automatically updates the database if it’s not). Well, today we built this system into so that if a location isn’t found when someone searches, the system automatically checks Google Maps and other geocoding services, updates our database, and returns the search results as if nothing had ever happened. This means that the search engine will automatically work for zip codes, postal codes, and cities that don’t exist yet, and ones that are missing from our database for one reason or another.

Over the next few days we’ll be adding this functionality to ALL our search sites.



Works well for PORT ALBERNI, B.C.

Very cool!

Thanks for your continuing work, Chris!

It’s taken over twenty years but Hoffman Estates, IL finally received its very own ZIP code July 01, 2006: 60169. And still a large majority of databases list Schaumburg (that ‘S’ word)!:x
The USPS has assured the Village principals that everything will be straightened out soon. Suuuuure!