Great Price for GL Insurance

Hey all, just got new General Liability Insurance for a great price and wanted to share with you all. Candice Coryn is the agent, and her quote for $1million in coverage was 1/2 of everyone else I checked with, approximately $435 for the year. Here is her contact info:
Candice Coryn
Kingsley Insurance

Richard, I’d be interested in viewing the policy if you don’t mind, I write with a national Carrier that writes a full blown small business owners policy that protect more than just the GL if property is damaged and it is about $500.00 avg in every state. I’d also like to see if it’s an audited policy? this means that every year you will need to state your past and expected revenue and your premiums will typically increase as your business grows. I have access to over a 100 carriers so if this is a good policy and carrier I’d be interested to approach them to add to my services.

Thank you in advance