Great Show Me How Videos Super Bowl halftime contest. 20 winners!

Shortly after the start of halftime of the Super Bowl this Sunday, I will start a new thread (not this one). The first 20 who post on the thread during halftime will win a great inspection training video from

So put the bag of chips and can of beer down when halftime starts and be one of the first 20 to post on the Show Me How Video thread!

Show Me How Videos… watch it, learn it, do it.

Darn, this one is going to get by me. :frowning: I have to take Joe F back to the airport after the Commercial, and Well Water Training class this Sunday. I was hoping to maybe score one for the chapter. Oh well. Good luck to all who enters and GO PAT’s

Mark, since you are helping the association, I’ll send you the videos as if you were a winner.

Thank you very much. This will be added to our library of training videos. We will be using this at one of our monthly training meetings. Thanks again for your support of the InterNachiOhio Chapter and its members.


Where you gonna watch the game…will just watch you go for a beer before the post and be ready!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Reminder, stop by at 1/2 time.

Yea, if I can manage to get my drunk as$ off the couch.

I don’t drink much, but I’ve got two bottles of some fine wine I’m going to polish off tonight.

Hey Dave did you get my email I sent you

Good Luck everyone

me me me

Did I make it





No… resend it.

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