Great stucco work

Here are some photos of some great KC stucco work.

It’s a disease there isn’t it Buck?, what Carl Brown tells me…I know it is here…builders need to get immunized, “From Building Anything Ever Again”—:shock:—:twisted:

Not much pride in work in your area Buck. We should all form our Teamsters Union and stop all building until they learn how to build. :mrgreen:

It is already STOPPED Marcel…because of the Gubment—lol

Well, now is the time to send them to school, Obama’s paying from what I read. :mrgreen::slight_smile: I knew the Gobment wasn’t all that cheesy.

It is bad !!! The same with decks, not one of them is built right.

And no Building Inspectors in the area Buck?

Not that it might make any difference—:shock:

I think Jim Bushart said there were no AHJ’s in your neck of the woods…

There are several AHJ’s in the KC metro area!!!

Even if they do Dale, I don’t think it would make much differenc. :slight_smile:

The population of the KC metro is over 2 million. Four cities over 100,000.

Buck, that’s more people than the whole State up here.

Years ago, a client of mine’s house fell down before I could look at it. The client decided to fire the builder. Sad but true.

Damn…incredible “Fell down before I could look at it”—:shock:

I guess there are some issues there, but they need to get those “Home Inspectors Licensed”…!!!—:twisted:—:shock:

Got the texture real nice though…

What part of town Buck?

137th and Lamar in OP. $900,000 sale price.


You can use the photos, if want to.


Changed some things at YLH you might have better luck posting them there now.

Did a home a couple of weeks ago in Lionsgate; four years old; need major stucco replacements. Counted at least 17 leaks; mold, stains, you name it. You have to watch out for these homes at this age with stucco in our area. Sad, but issues like this are common.

It is a nation wide problem. imo