Great Stuff!!

Catchy title!!

Expandable foam/Great Stuff to seal panel.

So how many inspectors would take the time to cut away the foam and inspect panel?

150409 039 (Small).jpg

150409 039 (Small).jpg

I don’t think I would. I think I would just write it up as inaccessible. Did you cut it away to open it?


There was enough other problems to differ to a sparky.

This pic is a good example of the wiring. It was like this in the attic as well.

150409 019 (Small).jpg

I would only do so with permission.(if at all)

David, you need to move those pictures to the Best Defect Award Thread.
Those are good. :):smiley:

I wouldn’t have cut it open, but I sure would have been curious of how much* Great Stuff *is on the inside of the panel.