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Go to the library link and visit any county, city, or municipality’s codes/ordinances

Does not even include Chicago plus if hitting suburbs gives this type answer…

There is adopted by the town the City of Chicago Plumbing Code, current edition, together with all amendments thereto except such portions as are in this chapter amended or in conflict with this Code of Ordinances, of which plumbing code not less than three copies are filed in the office of the town clerk. Such code is adopted and incorporated as fully as if set out at length in this section, and the provisions thereof shall be controlling within the town limits.

Just noticed this is Fla section so perhaps it is geared towards your state.

With teams like the White Sox, Cubs, the Bears and the Bulls, it is understandable the city would write that type of data:p

A better reply would have been…

“What do you expect from the Land of Obama”.