Greater Kingston Area Chapter Meeting

Just wanted to thank all who showed up for the meeting, It was an informative and very productive meeting. It was a pleasure to meet some nerw inspectors and many members, A huge Thanks to Mario for coming out and being a great help, Roy and Char were a wealth of info. We have a few local marketing ideas that we can start with and ways to benefit the local INACHI members.
Pics to follow, my dial up istooo slooowwwww

Looking forward to the next meeting in the New year and Commercial inspection Education course is in the works for the new year as well.

Again Thanks to all who showed up, it looks like were off to a great start for this chapter

Bill, I am not sure if you were in the room at the time but I promised Mario that we would hold the next meeting in the west end of Kingston so that he wouldn’t have to drive so far. :mrgreen:

Mediterranean Village? I hear it is a great Greek restaurant!


You are so thoughtful!! Anything to save me time,I like that!:stuck_out_tongue:
I thought that we would be going to “The Greek Islands”? anyway it was nice to see you again!


It was nice to see you again and all our fellow NACHI inspectors!! You did a great job. You provided everyone with information in terms of the direction this chapter is taking and IMO you and George will make this chapter one of the best in Canada!!!
I enjoyed the meeting very much and I look forward to the next meeting.


Thanks Mario but I didn’t do it alone, the members helped and thats what makes INACHI TOPS, let’s hope we can make a great chapter here and I invite all to come by the next meeting, even our brothers south of the border.
We have a new meeting place, Greek Islands Restaurant, food is awsome and the people are great. Will be better then ever for the new year

I am “spell checking” the news letter and it should be ready in about three weeks!!!:mrgreen:

Are you done spell checking Mr. George!!:stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

Who won the Home Inspector Pro door price? I haven’t heard yet and want to be prompt to send them their license.


We had so many door prizes we decided to leave that for our next meeting!! I hope you don’t mind.
BTW Thank You so much for you very generous offer!!!

Ahh ok, no problem!

He is not fooling I was dumfounded .
I wonder if they can even give them all out at the next meeting .
Thanks for yours and so many others .
This is the NACHI way ,what a fantastic association .

… Cookie