Green Advantage Certified webinar this Saturday. 50% InterNACHI discount.

Over 32,000 professionals have become Green Advantage Certified in the US. And with over $500M in green construction being registered with the USGBC every day, the importance of demonstrating your green expertise has never been more rewarding.

A webinar class is being offered to InterNACHI members this Saturday, December 4th at a 50% discount.

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If I pass the course can I use the Green Advantage logo? Can this service be included in the 80% requirement for the usage of the full time certified logo? I thought I’d ask before someone started a thread on it.

I found the logo usage rules for the GA logo. I still need to know about the 80% NACHI full time inspector logo usage info though. Thanks.

the Green Advantage CERTIFIED logo :wink:

Yes - you can use the Green Advantage logo after you pass the exam.

The exam is multiple choice and we have a pass guarantee. You need to register directly with Green Advantage to pay and register for the exam.

Your 50% discount code is: INTERNACHI