Green Bldg fee schedule

To any inspectors doing green building inspections. How do the fees vary from a so called regular inspection? Or do they? There are some, although very few contractors building “green homes” in the area. I’m working on that certification too…
Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

They have to vary as the green building features inspection is an add-on to a commercial inspection and so typically an additional charge.

Thanks Nick

You should also check with your local power companies and governments. Often times they sub out the “green” inspections. Also realize that there is a lot more than just energy auditing in the green inspection field. Depending on your background, most of the stimulus programs require someone to go in before and after an energy auditor or contractor to justify the incentives. All of this depends on on your city, state, county and power companies (all forms).


There is almost no market demand for that Jason. Most Green Building inspections are done for sellers who are looking for a list of “Green Features” so that their agent can use it in promoting the building for sale… hence:

The form for inspectors to use to create the report is at the bottom.

Nick I agree, but I think demand for this type of procedure is down the road. If this climate change nonsense continues on especially.


I am not sure what you are referring to. If it is energy auditing demand, you are way off. Did you know that both Retrotec and The Energy Conservatory (blower door manufactures) were back order up to 90 days earlier this year. As recently as June people were on a waiting list to get BPI and Resnet certified. That is saying a lot considering there are about 100 training facilities in the country between the two orginazations.

I know of several companies that are in the construction industry, that brought on energy auditing over the past year and are now doing more construction business than they did from 2002 to 2005.

I think energy auditing is normally thought of the wrong way. In other words people looking to pick up additional inspection type work. To be honest I am not overly sure if energy auditing would be an overly good idea for any type of inspector that doesn’t have the ability to sub out work or participate in the upgrades.

If you want to see a really crazy program, check out the programs in Hamiltion county (Cincinnati, OH). $10k kick back for sustainable energy upgrades, $8k-$10k kick back on energy “green” related upgrades, and 3% below prime (pretty much 0%) loans up to $50k (10 year term). When you stack that with all the federal programs, the consumer ends up with a loan amount that is lower than the savings from the upgrades. If a contractor cannot make that type of sale, he need to get out of the construction business.


True James, climate change is and always has been a scam. But do you really think those that be will really give up on trying to be green? Remember the '70s and global cooling? Might as well go after the green$.:mrgreen: