Green Building Code

It has just been announced that the “National Green Building Code” has been accepted more info to follow.:smiley:

The historic code sets mandatory baseline standards for all aspects of building design and construction, including energy and water efficiency, site impacts, building waste, and materials.

Thats great news Kevin! I will be interested to hear what is involved.

I sit and watch next door as they build a new Viceroy…biggest bunch of screw ups. Basement walkouts blue wood would have been a better choice for framing,… floor sheathing that just doesn’t quite reach the next floor joist (wood i beam) so we will just scab that out with a piece of 2 x 6. Septic, so no floor drains and basement is to be finished…I asked if they were going to use dri core on the floor…they looked at me like I was an alien! :o It took me to tell them that they couldn’t put their septic on the property line…3 days to figure out what to do. :roll: Raised bungalow so the ground height has been increased significantly, asked where the swale was going to be…time stopped! :shock: unbelievable what contractors and builders try to get away with, I am glad I was honest when I did renos…helped me sleep at nights.:wink:

At this point Scott it only applies to New designed 3 story. The thing that is good about this is awareness of what needs to be done. Ontario has stepped up to the plate and is implementing the energy into the 2006 code. Ottawa is following with the new introduction of Green Construction Codes. It has taken about three years of research from the top organizations to get there.
The International Green Construction Code (IgCC), approved last week after two years of development, applies to all new and renovated commercial buildings and residential buildings over three stories high.
What is Dri core. LOL

Great work Keven. Keep it up.:slight_smile:

So as we get older we watch the NEXT GENERATION of builders that where spoiled by there parents and walked into construction for a better pay.
Now we realize the importance of home inspections, and aiding others to learn to do the job the right way as you have done. Good work Scot.
1.) Dri core is a sound component but did they budget it and do they know the technique?
2.) Septic and they missed it!
3.) The swale should had been the ground prep!
Keep up the mentoring Scot.
Instill the pride you have by complementing there good work on the site. It becomes a good addiction to the builders and it catches on.:slight_smile:
Might be something for Nick to think of for his HI’s. Great marketing tool if done with INACHI educational building PAM-FLITS and respectfully.

There’s a big difference between someone writing standards and making them available, and those codes actually being adopted and enforced. And there’s a big difference between someone with a good fundamental knowledge of energy and building writing the standards and someone who only thinks they understand writing them.
We’ve seen a bit of both in Boulder.

Kenton this info comes from Ottawa the big guns of Canada. Ontario is already adopted the OBC 2006 Codes which include Energy codes for Efficiency. This is the first of its kind. I am without a doubt that it will take place since Igcc [International Green Code Council] has already started to implement.

There are several states that are considering adopting the IECC 2009 as their building code and a few considering the IECC 2012 proposed standard as the code. GA already implemented the IECC 2009, which requires a duct test during construction, while the ducts are exposed and a blower door test on the entire structure for test out. This went in to effect July 1st of this year.


It’s always good to see effective measures put into place.