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Green Building Downloads[RIGHT]




Green Building Downloads Handouts:
MEIC, in conjunction with its past and current projects, has produced a selection of informational handouts for partners and participants. Those handouts are now available online to the general public. Please select the handout of your chouice from the drop down menu below, to begin the download process.

Choose a handout to download… Why Buy a Solar Home Solar Sources Green Building Resources Links:
The following are links to organizations and informational resources on sustainable building. For more information, download the “Green Building Resources” pdf from the drop down menu above.
[li]General New Building Resources[LIST][/li][li]U. S. Department of Energy’s home page for energy-related building topics.[/li][li]US DOE’s Building Technologies Program[/ul][/li][/LIST]
[li]Energy Star Homes[LIST][/li][li] Homepage for Northeast regional EnergyStar Homes program, with links to state and regional EnergyStar Homes programs.[/li][li] Home energy raters examine new and existing homes for energy performance. Northeast Home Energy Rating Systems Alliance. Introduction to EnergyStar Qualified New Homes.[/ul][/LIST][/li][ul]
[li]LEED For Homes[LIST][/li][li] U. S. Green Building Council[/li][li] Maine Chapter, U. S. Green Building Council.[/li][li] LEED Homes provider in Maine.[/li][li] Maine State Housing Authority’s Green Building Standards[/ul][/li][/LIST]
[li]Zero Energy Homes[LIST][/li][li] Maine’s own zero energy house, in Kennebunk. Providing its 95% of its own energy since 1994.[/li][li] Homepage for “ToolBase”, the technical information resource for the National Association of Home Builders. Click on “Zero Energy Homes” button for many articles, resources.[/li][li] Zero Energy Homes Primer, from “Toolbase”[/ul][/li][/LIST]PDF Reader:
Please note, you will need to have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to download and view some of the MEIC publications available on this web page. Adobe Acrobat reader is available, for free, from the adobe website.
[ul] - Download Adobe Acrobat: HERE.[/ul]Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the links, after taking the Green Building course here at NACHI I find all the links very interesting!