green horn

I m a green horn and I wanted to know if you must have soft ware to get startes


thnks do you have an opinion on report host




For someone new to the business, I think it is a great way to get to work with a quality product. Being an InterNachi member, your first 15 reports are FREE so it gives you time to worry about other things before you have to start dishing out $$$. It will get expensive paying a per report fee, but many just add the cost to their inspection. Most move on to other professional software that suits their needs better. I have used RH for many years and like their product for what it is. My primary software is HIP, and have used two others in the past. I like HIP due to it’s customization abilities, but still use RH when I need an out of the ordinary report that I don’t wish to make a template for. RH is also web based, so it makes a good backup for when computer issues occur, and you don’t have access to your report software.

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You need to go with HIP or HG. I use HG. Problem is once you get narratives set up and going it’s a pain to transfer them. Last time I checked Report Host is a rent a report system. I prefer to pay upfront and own what I have.

I started with a flashlight, a screw drive and a pair of channel locks wrote my report in word, but I was also the head oarsman on the ark first mate under Noah;-)

I use Palm Tech. You can go to their website for a free demo. It took me a little while to get my primary template set up, but now its pretty easy to do the inspection and report. You can use it on a small mobile device (I use a Samsung note 3) and a tablet and a decktop all at no extra charge. And there is no per report cost.

Thank you, Thank you very much! :wink:

For iphone/ipad tap inspect hands down.

Is that a reporting software?

I have used my own point and tap software since 2006 using my old Gateway tablet/lap-top. No one had it at the time, and my brother and I developed it. Still use it. Point, tap, print and present on site. I do no work at home. Part check list, part narrative. Best of all worlds. Not only are the defects listed, but also what is inspected, per room and area.

Now developing it for Surface 2. Should be done by fall. It will be available to anyone via passcode within seconds after the inspection, with video and pictures. Again, no work ever at home, and all onsite. Average full inspection time is 3 hours. Based off excel.

Gary, we’ll sell it for you if you want us to.

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