Green Lights

I was hoping someone could tell me what the green light objects are and their purpose. The bottom one appears to have a white wire running to the neutral bar and the top one no connection

I believe that is a surge protector. When the light goes out it has seen a spike and has to be replaced because it provides no protection at that point.

ty robert btw why 2?

It’s a single unit. A double pole surge protector.

Mounting the protector next to the main and the gentle curve to the white lead are both good surge protector practices. However, surge protectors lose effectiveness approximately 25 volts per inch of lead. So, I would have shortened the white lead by coming into the left side of the bar instead of the right. As long as it could be done without any sharp bends.

Cutler Hammer BR surge protector. Takes up 2 poles. Each one protects each pole. If one goes out i assume only half the panel is protected. So you only lose half of your tv’s in the house if lightning strikes.