Green Lining to Recession's Dark Clouds

Even RESNET offers different levels of audits and the market
place is open to various levels of inspections and prices for
these energy audit services.

Energy audits are a different animal than a home inspection.

Thanks for the kind words Brian. :wink:

I think right now people have a hard time with the concept that, and I’ll use me as an example, a contractor can be honest enough to do a energy audit, recommend improvements and then re-test to show the consumer the results. Also, when I make recommendations and complete the work based on ROI the client had better see some results or I’ll have some explaining to do.

I think when this gets going I’ll probably never do another conventional home inspection again and I won’t need too.


Hope you did not misinterpret what I said - I like the energy audit concept especially with an IR camera! I do not believe the blower door and duct blaster are required very often, in fact, are seldom required on audits. I was really turned off by the Home Tune-up program. I am finding it difficult to market energy audits in south Texas. Maybe when it gets hot and the electric bill rises!

Your right… the need for energy audits has not really hit critical mass
yet, but when the local govt’s start applying pressure and the money
from uncle sam starts to flow… the demand will increase… IMHO.

At this point, state energy commissions have been put on notice to
reduce consumption. The pressure will flow down from there.

Ditto, somebodies way ahead of the curve.


Check out RESNET’s Blog

Thanks John, please keep me in the loop on this one.

After taking BPIs course I wouldn’t do an energy audit without a blower door, the duct blaster on the other hand is not always needed as you can use a pressure pan with the blower door to test supply and return lines.

I have a booth coming up at the local home show where I’ll be giving away two free energy audits and with the home show coupon my clients will get their energy audit free if they hire my company to complete the scope of work.

Robert, I took my training in Phoenix and it was with a company that does home improvements. This company’s BPI class is full until July and their home improvement schedule is booked too. Get certified, buy a blower door, and get out there and do some marketing. It’s only a mater of time before this takes off.

I’m also thinking of holding free seminars, 1-2 hours long, for homeowners wanting to find out more about energy audits. Should be a very exciting year!

Hi. Peter;

Seeing that tax credits will be given for energy savings and repairs done to the homes this year, I believe your prospects in this bussiness might turn out to be somewhat lucrative for you Peter.
The worlds minds are all on energy these days, and the energy audits appears to be the first step for most to find out how much is being spent to heat and cool their homes.

Good luck to you.

Marcel :):smiley:


I am a RESNET Certified Energy Rater and I own a blower door, a duct blaster and an IR camera. The duct blaster is required to certify new homes as Energy Star. I would love to do a home show but we do not have one until Sept! My obvious weakness is marketing!

Like he said, seminars are great. Here’s an idea, Adult continuing Ed., Libraries, Rotaries, alot of people want speakers and being Certified, whether BPI/HERS adds a more credibility (adds a little more in the chest area too, LOL).

Shoot I spent enough time in my HERS class and I don’t even want to talk about that friggin’ test (lost hairs probably).

You’ve got the basic knowledge, flaunt it, or someone else will.

Learn, Educate, Serve and have fun doing it! (hmm, I think I’ve heard that before.)


Thanks Marcel, Hows the Brentwood project doing?

I plan on mostly existing housing and energy star ratings won’t be necessary. When I took the BPI class we learned how to test duct work using the manometer and pressure pans. The pressure pans were cool because you can use them on electrical outlets and switches. I think using the blower door, manometer and IR will work good for existing homes, before and after testing will show the improvements.

Pretty good Peter.
If interested, I have posted quite a few pictures on YLH.
I should be there another month for finish work. :slight_smile:

Good resource Mickey… here is the link

Everyone that wants on my personal email list for updates should
send me an email …

I will be posting lots of updates on the forum. Good news coming
in the energy side of things and don’t forget we have the FREE
IR conference (2 days of free training in Denver CO) coming this summer.

Good idea.

Now that’s wicked-good stuff to hear :cool: