Green Pro Training

Anyone take any classes through Green Pro Training. They have a class I am interested in, but I need to make sure they are legit.


Hello Juan,

Green Pro Training is “legit”. We offer training of the highest quality and customer satisfaction. The link in my signature takes you to our main website. What class were you interested in registering for?

Aaron. I have been doing some large building radon testing. I read the mamf-2010 about a dozen times to become familiar with procedure. I even read a document about suggested changes to mamf 2010 and commentary on all the suggestions. I have not read the mamf-2012. I feel very confident in my ability, but I got an email about your schools and large building Radon class.

We have a good radon course here at InterNachi, but nothing about large buildings.

The class seems fairly priced, but I get a lot of sketchy emails about courses. Its hard to filter out the credible ones.

That’s great you received the email. The course is certainly going to provide you plenty of knowledge in reguards to testing in larger buildings & schools.
Plus the course is approved by NRSB & NRPP if you need any CEU.

You can register online here and be able to start instantly. Let me know if you have any other questions.