For everybody who forgot what the color of Green is in states where the weather may not allow vegetation to sustain it’s greenish color 365, I thought I would rub it in a little from pictures in back of a house I inspected this morning…:lol:

Wow the pond needs some water soon .
Nice place glad for you.
… Cookie

Darn, Dale. Too bad you had to work on Saturday! :mrgreen:

Yes Kenton–I know it’s rough (someone has to do it), but I enjoy working, as a matter of fact, I don’t even consider it work…I consider it fun.

It is great to enjoy what we do isn’t it?..:wink:

Cookie…are you and Char going to the convention?

It’s Green in Vegas…!!!..:lol:

If you win, I mean…:oops:


At this time of the year, I’d rather be there than here. But I do kinda like the snow (blizzards) once in a while.


I envy you!!

I will be going to Mexico for two weeks Jan. 6th I’m looking forward to the green!!

Vegas…last time I was there for the ITA convention I dropped 10K hopefully that will not be repeated this time!:cool:

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen green snow…how do you guys in Arizona do that???

No Char can not fly Sorry .


The trick I learned after doing about the same thing (many times) is drink AFTER you gamble…!!!..:lol:

Damn, Damn, Damn, David…:shock: :shock:

Looks like great “Wild Turkey” weather…:-k

Funny Jae…:lol:

Hope you and the family have a great Holiday season…!!!

The best to you and yours!!!:smiley: :smiley:


This is Wild Turkey weather…check this out!

:lol:…Yep…you got me there…:lol:

Mario on what? Playing Cards with girliee pics?

I am going Vegas. Being from Indiana originally I miss the Livestock. I am going to a chicken ranch in Vega to bring back my childhood memories.


I play everything from Black Jack to Poker. I should have taken Deanna’s advice and quit when I was loosing 5K…no I had to try and win :roll:

I love Black Jack. Let’s play togather. Keep me away from the playing cards you get on the street.

Damm; Duffy I did not need to see these Pic’s. I just want you to know you can be replaced by a trash can–)) I would trade almost anything for some green about now and winter has not officially arrived.

Have an excellent XMAS you and yours.

Charley B.