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](,adyc,6id,celm,amwr,b1yh,75rg)June 2008NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: We invite you to explore the brand-new, which now offers an improved design and powerful tools that allow you to interact with, and contribute to, the site as never before: You can comment on and rate projects; recommend articles; submit photos of your work; and create an industry profile.
Case Study: Queens Botanical Garden Setting Down Roots:](,adyc,6id,5jn0,1la5,b1yh,75rg) A new visitor and administrative center raises a botanical garden’s profile as an institution focused on environmental stewardship. The building is on track to receive LEED Platinum certification and will likely be the first publicly funded capital project in New York City to achieve this status. The garden’s “green infrastructure is functional,” says David Yocca, director of landscape architecture and planning at a firm involved in the project, “but done in a visible and beautiful way in order to make these practices more widely embraced.”
Photo © Jeff Goldberg/ESTO
Feature: A River Runs Through It Fresh Water:](,adyc,6id,97nt,flcv,b1yh,75rg) Rivers are still the lifelines of American cities, but in a new age of urbanization, once-crowded waterways boast a greener complexion. Many U.S. cities have begun transforming these vital stretches from industrial working zones and neglected landscapes into pleasantly parklike spaces with as much emphasis on restoring ecosystems as on providing an urban amenity. Photo © John Jernigan
Feature: Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit Curbing Climate Change:](,adyc,6id,6j3f,5lj3,b1yh,75rg) A 2007 series of reports concluded that the buildings sector is both the largest climate change culprit and the largest opportunity for taking cost-effective measures to reverse environmental damage. Within the building industry, designers, contractors, and facility managers are responding with quick fixes to existing buildings and more sophisticated solutions for new construction. Image courtesy Fotosearch
Image Gallery: Green Projects Photo Showcase:](,adyc,6id,v0w,bw5a,b1yh,75rg) Pictured is the LEED-certified Innovation Center by Cromwell Architects Engineers at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. You can comment on this project, among others, in our Green Projects Showcase. Also, submit your own photos for display. Photo courtesy jennifer.southerland

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NewsUSGBC to Outsource LEED Certification](,adyc,6id,k7qk,i2ga,b1yh,75rg)
In a move that will likely have far-reaching ramifications for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its influential LEED rating systems, the organization has announced that as of January 2009 it will no longer certify buildings. That responsibility will pass to independent, accredited certifiers overseen by USGBC’s sister nonprofit corporation, the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). More news:WaterSense Offers Certification for HousesGBI National Standard Released for Public CommentGroups Petition EPA to Regulate NanosilverAIA Requires Sustainability in Continuing EducationFSC National Standard Friendly to Small ForestsNext Generation of LEED Out for Public CommentView all news headlines >>

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Thanks, great information.

I just attended a “LEED” one day workshop in Windsor Ontario yesterday for NC- New Construction, along with 32 other attendees.

The LEED stuff is great for new construction, but inspectors need to go after the other 99.9% of the market… existing homes. There is only one organization (that I know of) that has produced any standards for EXISTING homes (takes a few minutes to open, pdf).