Greetings from Cancun

It was a great year. Went to the Dominican Republic in June for a week. I’m on an 8 day vacation right now. 80+ degrees F every day. Photo taken this morning before the babes populated the pool. :smiley:





Wouldn’t it be better to have a after the babe’s populate the pool picture?

Yes it would Frank, yes it would.

Will do an update tomorrow!

But you couldn’t stay away from the message board. :mrgreen:

Mexican TV. No comprende’

I leave for the Bahamas on Sunday. Enjoy the fruit of your labor!

Way to go Joe, I’m heading here on the 14th for diving/snorkeling/fun n’ sun.
Little island off Puerto Rico called Culebra.
Have a good time down there.


Very nice, enjoy your time. Always nice to look at the babes!!

I was in St Martin last month

We are sunburned in December. What a life!

took the words right outta my mouth! :cool:


At 38k ft over Atlantic on the way to Culebra for a week!
Packed in 3 inspections yesterday so I’m ready for R&R. :cool:

For the price of a modest car, we joined a vacation club earlier this year. 5 free weeks at one of about 30 resorts in the Caribbean and 1 free week in Hawaii. Plus 200 weeks at any timeshare in the world for $250/week! These are all-inclusive resorts. You pay for nothing once you arrive. I went to the Dominican Republic for a week earlier this year and just got back from Cancun. After we use up the free weeks, the rates we will pay are guaranteed to be 25% less than the cheapest rate open to the public. We also get lots of amenities like top-shelf alcohol, upgraded rooms, a private beach section, treatment like royalty, etc. The package is good for 50 years and your children can inherit it.

We decided a few years ago to take a nice vacation in December as our Christmas gift to each other. We give our children memories that will last a lifetime—not plastic junk and electronics from China.

Enjoy life while you can brothers. If anyone’s interested in more details, let me know.