Hello InterNACHI,

I just want to log in and say it is really great to be here and I expect to learn a lot while here. All your information is helpful and appreciated, thank you.
I’m sure I will learn from you all and will take to heart all the wonderful experience everyone has to offer and share. Thank you.

**Lesson 1: **As with your future clients, learn to set your expectations! This MB is what you make of it. Learn what you can, take what you need, discard the rest, participate when you can, use the search feature FIRST before asking basic questions (been answered a million times already… gets old, fast), and try to have a sense of humor. Chit gets real serious, real fast, if your skin is too thin.

Good luck!

Yea but the search feature still sucks.

Yes, butt… some of the questions get asked three times a day, so just perusing through the “New Posts” button may give the results one is searching for. Also, if you find a thread that doesn’t quite give the reply you are needing, scroll to the bottom of the page, and there is usually a box of “Related threads” that is quite helpful… sometimes! :wink:

**Lesson 2: **Use the appropriate section for your new threads!

Example… why is your GREETINGS thread in the COMMERCIAL Inspections section?

Nuff said.


A search engine search of " Nachi forum bath fan exhaust terminates in attic" or what ever, will typically deliver better results than the Nachi search feature. Tonight I tried to find an old thread to the tune of… Ever felt you were being watched… Nachi forum search engine returns with " the following words were deleted because they were irrelevant or too short; ever, felt, you were, being and all kinds of posts… Mostly stuff related to students posting in wrong section. Bing pulls it up on first page.

Most of the blame goes to lazy posters who can’t be bothered to use relevant terms in thread titles. Every now and then we have great thread discussions that will never be searchable due to the title such as… “What’s this?”… and then being posted in the general discussion section!!!