Greg Bell is the man

You are the best of the best Greg. Plus you have class.


Greg is a solid guy… Merry Christmas.

Eh, hello!!

Is everyone forgetting that he beat me at the Hold 'em Tournament in Orlando in 2005?

Oh, wait. I guess he is the man!

Never mind.

Greg, you’re the man!

Mr. Ferry, don’t ever pick a gunfight with him, or you will be left holding Aces and Eights!

Actually, that’s a contest I think I could win. In the artillery, my call sign was “Deadeye”.

Thank you for the wonderful posts. I am no better than any one else here. We all bring positive things to the table.

Joe I would love to play in another tournament with you. Why don’t we play in the WSOP next year. Maybe you can get Nick to sponsor us or if you sell that senate seat you could put us both in.