I have a strange thought about the square rep thing.

To date only BKelly2 and myself have reached the majik 200 points and three green boxes… Hmmmmmmmmmm. why do you spose that is?

I would love to post a poll, but I am not allowed. So, I want all folks to speak there mind as to why myself and Brian are the first to reach this totaly absurd goal.

Thank you,


Don’t think so.

He cheats, he run’s the show ! :slight_smile:

He started with all of those, and he is entitled to them.

Chris has always been a rock in this place of hard knox and deserves all the credit that can be bestowed on him.:smiley:

Geeze Todd. You even have a better rep than me! :mrgreen:

Me too. I have a 73. Help Gare make it to 100.

What’s with this “points” thing? How does one know their point count? Not that it really matters, but it appears there’s more to this rep thing than I am aware. . .

It must be because you’re not a member. :wink:

Thanks for the greenie, (you know who you are), but I was given a red one as well so it helped balance things out :slight_smile:

I think they should apply a new rule, if you are going to give a red, then you should have to own up to it… put your name with it, spinless.

Jeff, just click Control Panel and your Reputation History will pop up. Point total is on the right middle.

Thanks Michael. I never paid much attention to the “points” thing.

It’s amazing to see the posts that gave me “bad” feedback. For instance. . .

Bad start / Friday Night

Simply for saying “Ditto.” Imagine how some people feel when I actually give an opinion. . .

I’ve noticed you use the “Ditto” thing a little to often.:wink:


Jeez, every time I hear that I see Demi Moore!

I am curious why it says I’ve giving someone too much feedback and have to wait, when it’s been probably over a month or more since I gave the feedback?

The NACHI super computer can tell if you like someone or dislike someone. You must trash someone else a few times before going back to the original person you wanted to trash.

The super computer has been stopping me from adding negative comments to the phone sale spammer guy.

OK, here’s a weird one. Someone gave me some negative reputation for my Demi Moore comment in post #14 about “ditto”. I do assume everyone remembers Sam’s (Patrick Swazey) use of ‘ditto’ every time his girlfriend Molly (Demi Moore) told him she loved him in the movie Ghost, right? It was a key point of the movie. Heck I thought is was pretty clever…shows what I know :smiley: .

I’m telling you guys, the ditto thing will get you in hot water, or in this case, “Red Squares”…

very nice

I turned mine off.
More people should turn off the feature.
The system is flawed.