Grey Duct

Does any one have any info or links to info on “gray duct”?

Never heard of “gray duct.”

Can you give us a description (other than the apparent color) and, perhaps, what you are looking for?

Check the double thread here for what he was inquiring about. It was the old Goodman or Owens Corning flexible supply ducts.


I’ve seen this one tons of times. It is indeed u-v susceptible, and I report it as such. The outer sleeve often looks like is has been slashed with a razor knife. When the sleeve disintegrates, the insulation can fall away, condensation can result, mold could follow. And need I go on to mention lawsuits? Carbon has been added to the mix, which is why many modern ducts are dark gray (black?).

Hey thanks for all the feed back guys. It was a great help. Sorry about the double post (spelling problem).