Grimsby A/C age?

Any help on this would be appreciated, Model is QCE24-1, S/N 28805156677.
Also Grimsby oil furnace, Model M-100-77, Code -0, Series S-624, No. 15621,
S/N C12649.

Thanks, Mike

Hi Michael,

The AC unit appears to have been manufactured by Heat Controller between 1984-1992 based on the model number, the serial # suggests 1988.

The furnace appears to be older and I have that listed as by another manufacturer from 1965.

Maybe Russel or one of the other guys may be more help.



Thanks Gerry, Grimsby is out of business, 1988 would make sense considering the condition of the unit. The furnace is older, probably about 30 years.

The C1 indicates 1971.