Gromicko, are dense or????

#1 When will you get the clue that it is not an issue if some one joins an org with out any qualifications,
It’s when an org [yours in particular] markets an inspector as a qualified professional to the public and provides that inspector a gold seal and certificiation for 289.00] based on an on line quiz that any bozo can pass or have some one else take it for them, along with your other non verified qualificiations.!!!

While I’m at it
#2 Your CMI is a joke, your lame excuse that all report systems meet SOPs does not not have any merit IF the inspector does not know the SOP.

Seeing that you review all new members reports to verify if they meet standards I would think that you would know that maybe 10% of new inspectors reports in fact meet the standards.
Gezz give me a board.:roll: :roll: :roll:


Harris happy 4th.

You know Nick invented CMI to lure all you hard core anti-NACHI guys over to the fold, are you telling me it ain’t working? Nick’s rainbow connection says… I’m OK and your OK and everyone is a CMI, OK? Can’t we all just get along? :mrgreen:

Harris, prove your allegations. Where is irrefutable proof that Nachi inspectors are cheaters, liars, inferior, in trouble more then the other association members?

I keep hearing all this hype from people like you but you and your likes have yet to proof anything other then a article about a 12 year old whose father is a cheat himself. So he is an ASHI cheating members whose scruples leave much to be desired. So you keep good company Mr. Harris.