Gromicko wants to put infrared cameras in your bedroom!!!

Put on your pajamas, take your infrared camera out of its case, jump in bed, and turn on www.NACHI.TV, because we’re developing a 4 part training series on thermal imaging (members-only).

Coming soon.

I’m ready Nick. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll have a bowl of popcorn waiting.

I just received my B-2 yesterday. I tinkered with it last evening and I’m reading the Flir manual.

I’ve got the candles lit and my instrument in hand.:slight_smile:

Infrared Cameras in your bedroom?


That could get interesting! ha. ha.

Marcel :wink: :slight_smile:

Oh come on now, I know I’m not the only one that took IR shots of the wife. Both real!!!

That’s great. I’ll be waiting with camera in hand.

Come on, guys.

Let’s not fly off the handle here.

Let’s get a hold of ourselves.

Stop me before I allude again!!! :mrgreen:


If I posted some of the pics that I took last evening (with my B-2), I’d probably have the internet police at my door.

Damn, this camera is amazing.

Dave, you not taking pictures of your defects are you ? House defects Dave, house defects ! And they won’t be at your door. :smiley:


Ok so im clueless. I dont do thermal imaging. What is a B-2 and where do I get one…serious guys!


Lots of info on this BB read it and enjoy


Sounds like you found out about some things you didn’t know you had or she had. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

The funny thing is, I knew it was obviously there, but what really amazed me was the temperature differentials in human anatomy.

I’d love to show everyone, but the wife would get very upset.

This is amazing technology.

Last evening I did the right thing. I took the IR camera around my house and found cold air coming into numerous areas throughout my house. I found one particular area where they failed to install blanket insulation into an entire cavity. (I’ll post the pics later today, as my software is not downloaded yet).

Every outlet opening in my home is allowing cold air to penetrate into my home.

I happen to know the gentleman who supervised the construction of my house and he will be getting a call from me this week-end. I just want to let him know that the installation of the insulation is very shoddy.

back to the old foam gasket technology :frowning:
the price is right for what they can save

Yeah, I’m considering it now. But it pisses me off to find missing insulation blankets in my ceiling cavities. I am (in no way) removing interior ceilings now.

David what I did was get some cans of low expansion foam and the 1/4 inch tube I removed and put on a plastic tube about 30 inches long to get into an area where I need foam.
This might work for you…Cookie

Hmmmmm. very ingenious. A simple 1/4" hole and fill it up.

But doesn’t the 30 inch tube get clogged after a few minutes of spraying?

IR trainers have booked their tickets to come to our studios in Boulder on February 12 through… for the shoot. PRO-LAB (not the training company) has graciously agreed to supply all the cameras needed for the shoot.