Gross Dam Controversy?

Hi Boulder,

I read, with great interest, the happenings in Boulder on this and am trying to understand the Gross Dam controversy!

I would appreciate Boulder views on this as well as others.


Well by and large most Boulder County residents typically don’t want any development and don’t want anymore people to move into their county. So with that mindset they fight tooth and nail to limit or stop any development from occurring. The City of Boulder has had a building moratorium in place for awhile. City of Boulder purchased a large portion of land between their original city limits and the next town East, to prevent any development. In the Western US, water is a scarce resource, any project that provides more water for more people will be rejected by Boulder.

I somewhat agree that when the project is completed there will be less recreational land available around the reservoir (disclaimer I’ve never been there but I have friends who have used the area), but before construction all you can do is drive to and hike around the reservoir, and maybe fish a little. After construction the only change recreational users will experience is hiking and access will be higher up the mountain.

The project is located on Federal Land, as far as I am aware they aren’t taking peoples land or homes away for the project. If they were I’d be 100% against it.

The reality of the Denver Front Range Area is the area is and will be experiencing massive growth in population. One can argue all day (like Boulder) that they don’t want more people here but they aren’t going to change the reality. Once those people are here are you going to say no water for you?

Lastly speaking on Boulder residents reputations. I used to live about half way between City of Boulder and City of Golden in Arvada. For those that don’t know Golden is about a 20 minute drive straight south of Boulder. Golden’s residents have a saying that goes “Don’t Boulder my Golden”.

The City and County of Broomfield (which is a very business and growth friendly area) used to be the City of Broomfield originally located in Boulder County, before annexing portions of four counties around them. They created their own county in part to be away from Boulder County.

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The People’s Republic of Boulder is like a whole different world in and of itself. It’s okay to suck down some weed out of a bong while standing on a street corner, but God forbid if Grandpa lights up his tobacco pipe on his front porch.
It’s been so long since I heard the name Gross Reservoir that I totally forgot where it was. I didn’t even know there was a controversy. From what I read about the project, it doesn’t appear to be hurting anything other than flooding out some National Forest.
I do know that the Thornton Water Project and the Glade Reservoir Project has pissed off many folks. The pipeline screwed with traffic through Windsor for a while, but that’s done now. I heard the other day that the City of Fort Collins put a stop to it going through town because of the grief city planners got from local residents. Don’t know for sure though. The Glade Reservoir Project will displace some homes and has already shutdown a small Mom and Pop lumber mill. Hwy 287 will have to be relocated, which will create many unwanted changes to it’s proposed path.
It’s all in the name of water storage. With the whole front range exploding with development, it won’t be long before there won’t be enough water to go around. The state of Nebraska has sued Colorado several times over water rights. All of the rivers around here drain into the Platte then North East to Nebraska. Most of the year the river is more like a creek once it gets out that way. I have actually hopped across it a few times myself and didn’t get my feet wet.

Broomfield County is massive and very oddly shaped. The City of Thornton got into a pissing match with Broomfield and annexed land around Northglen and up to Dacono to block the expansion. Turf wars, LOL. Similar things have happened between Berthoud, Loveland and Johnstown, and Greeley/Evans/Garden City. Funny how some areas have one towns addresses, another towns electric and gas, with water/sewer coming from a third town. …
You really want to see a confusing mess look at Frederick/Firestone anexations. You can be in one town and your neighbor across the street is in the other…