ground and common together again

I’m guessing that you own a crystal ball because the OP made no mention of whether or not this is a service panel or a sub-panel. In case you don’t know the correct answer is dependent on the panel type. :roll:

I understood Robert, I didn’t differentiate in my original post so the answer was obviously dependent on what panel in the service… Just so many critics here its easy to be on the defensive.
Thanks much everyone, this straightened my thinking right out.

No problem George, just trying to get you the correct information which sometimes requires a few additional bits of information. If my question was worded poorly I apologize.

Sorry…when I here electrical panel I assume main service. I miss understood your intentions.

I will be more careful with my post in the future.

No problem, for the most part we’re all gentleman here so when some calls someone else a punk some feathers may get ruffled. :slight_smile:

My wife is from Jersey and she is a punk I just assumed eveyone was:mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue: